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  • What forms of dance do you teach?
    I've trained in many different styles of dancing but I primarily teach dance covering Lindy hop, 20's Charleston, Vernacular Jazz, Vintage Shag, Big Apple, and Swing Blues
  • I'm thinking about a private dance lesson, can I talk to you first?"
    Of course! I love talking to new potential students :) Email me at and we can discuss your needs
  • I love your fine art and I'm interested in owning an original!
    Great :) Email me and we can discuss
  • Do you take commissions?
    I have done commissions in the past but I'm currently really busy on the Frankie Project! Saying that I'm always happy to discuss so do reach out to
  • I'm interested in collaborating on the Frankie project!
    Awesome! I'd love to talk and discuss how we could work together, please reach out to me
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes we do! Shipping costs are automatically calculated during checkout. If you have any questions or concerns though, please reach out to me
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