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Breaking News!

Hi everyone!


If you're interested in purchasing my first book The Mystery of the Magna Carta for $20 + postage (including a personalised dedication!)  please contact me directly! 


Private dance lessons ($120 an hour) can be purchased directly below.

In other news I'm really excited to tell you about the launch of my RedBubble storefront. It's perfect for purchasing smaller gifts like clothing, phone cases, stickers, mugs and much more, all featuring my designs. 


I'm also pleased to announce that I've got a new piece available "I declare".

QEII-I Declare-ORIG.jpeg

I was not in England when the Queen passed, I had just left 2 days earlier for a necessary trip abroad.  As England pulled together to mourn their loss and comfort each other, I found myself alone and feeling very sad to be so far away and unable to experience the grieving process with others.  By the time I did arrive back to the UK it felt like the world had moved on, but I had a lingering sadness and need to express my respect for the Queen.  


As I studied her life, I was struck by the speech she made to the world on her 21 birthday - "I declare before you all with my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service …  God help me to make good my vow…”  She was mature beyond her years.  

On this first anniversary of her passing, I would like to introduce this painting which hopes to capture a very contemplative moment in the last years of the Queens life, reflecting on that speech made so many years ago when she did not know how long she would live, what life would bring, and marvelling how God had indeed helped her to keep her promise to her people.  

This painting is the first in a series - a mixed media of charcoal and pencil, done in black and white except for the blue of her eyes.  The original is for sale at this time, contact me for details.

I'm also still working on my  fun Carousel animal collection, take a look below and click to go to the store! 

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